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InsideView Insights for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Have the insights to know who to target, why and when to reach out, and how to connect.


Accelerate Your Sales with Insights

InsideView Insights delivers real-time B2B data and intelligence into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 workflow. It includes:

  • Real-time B2B data from 16 million companies and 47 million contacts around the world
  • Insights from 40,000+ news and social media sources
  • A comprehensive view of your personal and professional connections

InsideView data is aggregated and validated using a proprietary methodology of data science and artificial intelligence to deliver the most reliable, relevant business-to-business data and intelligence.  Companies like yours use Insights to find the right buyers, understand their challenges, and engage with them more effectively.

1. Identify your buyer
  • Instantly qualify prospects with high quality company data
  • Build lists of precisely targeted prospects based on a wide variety of criteria such as: demographics, firmographics, business triggers, and common connections
  • Expand on previous wins by looking for similar companies
  • Identify decision-makers in an account by functional area or title
  • Keep your CRM data clean with one-click sync so you can target your prospects more accurately
2. Understand your buyer
  • Save hours of research time with up-to-the-minute company news and social buzz
  • Increase your win rate by tailoring your pitch to immediate customer needs
  • Know when to reach out based on timely email news alerts
3. Engage your buyer
  • Start a conversation with a target buyer by noting mutual connections
  • Get a warm introduction into an account by leveraging your colleagues’ and your own personal and professional networks
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