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Data Cleansing and Management Solutions:

Businesses Thrive on Clean, Healthy Data

Are you managing your customer and prospect data like the corporate asset it is?

Dirty data wastes time and causes revenue leakage.

According to Gartner, poor data quality costs the average organization $15 million per year. Companies market to the wrong accounts and leads. Sales reps fight over account ownership. Operations wastes hours manually cleaning data. And execs make decisions and forecasts based on inaccurate data.

Average annual cost of dirty data

Source: Gartner, Data Quality Market Survey, 2017


Do almost nothing to clean or manage their data

Source: InsideView

It’s no surprise, then, that more than 70% of revenue leaders say data management is a high priority. Yet, a staggering 65% do almost nothing about it. InsideView data management solutions can help.

Manage your customer and prospect data with InsideView

Manage your CRM data automatically

Clean and enrich your accounts, contacts, and leads automatically using fine grain controls over which records and fields to update and when to clean. Then visualize and monitor your data health for better data governance.

Prep your data to maximize results

To save setup time and maximize results from your automated data management solution, it’s best to clean and activate your data first. Our team of data experts can help, using proprietary tools to hand-curate your initial matching, so more of your records can be automatically cleaned going forward.

Implement master data management

Are you implementing master data management to align around a single source of truth? InsideView can assign unique identifiers to your records and provide a reliable reference source on which to standardize your data.

#1 Reason for sales and marketing misalignment is poor data

Source: The State of Sales and Marketing Alignment Report, 2018

Trust InsideView with your complex data challenges

Have specialized data requirements or more complex data needs? InsideView’s Professional Services team, with an average of 10+ years solving complex data challenges, is eager and qualified to transform your inactionable data into actionable data that can drive your business. They offer data cleaning and activation services, source specialty data, and provide data consulting services.

Act now! The longer you wait, the more it costs

1 / 10 / 100

Don’t put off implementing your data management solution. Industry wisdom claims it takes $1 to verify a record as it’s received, $10 to later cleanse and dedupe it, and $100 if nothing is done, because the ramifications of the errors are felt over and over through lost opportunities and wasted resources.